June 2012

I was extremely honored to be one of two hosts for a Head Dissection course organized by the University of Rotterdam held in Utrecht, Holland. Dr. Stephen Byrd from the University of Texas-Southwestern and I were the honored guests of this annual meeting and over a two-day period we conducted an in-depth dissection course. In addition we gave lectures on facelift, necklift, and rhinoplasty. Following this I drove to France and co-hosted a meeting that honored my mentor and friend Dr. Daniel Marchac. In 1984 I was awarded the Kazanjian Fellowship from Harvard and I did my fellowship in aesthetic surgery and pediatric craniofacial surgery with Dr. Marchac in Paris. Under the auspices of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), we, his former trainees, held a one-day symposium on facelift. This was then followed by the meeting of the French Society of Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCEP) where I gave the following three lectures: Facelift in a Deep Plane; High SMAS Facelift and Eyelid Surgery.

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