Keynote at the Italian Society Meeting

September, 2015 – I have developed many great friends over the years in Italy and have been a visiting professor in nearly all of the major universities, whether it be Rome,  Milano,  Bologna, Firenze, or even in Sicily. A regular trail of young Italian surgeons come to visit me on an annual basis and many stay for 3 to 6 months to learn my surgical techniques. As a product of this I am regularly asked to give a Keynote Address at the Italian Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting. This past September  the meeting  was in Milano and my topic again was on dealing with the aging face, Facelift with Simultaneous Lipofilling. This is a procedure that I have helped pioneer through the years, in addition to having performed untold numbers of clinical cases. I also have produced two videos on the topic, one filmed during live surgery benefiting the SavaneroRoselli Foundation.  Two years ago my two volume textbook of cosmetic surgery co-edited with Professor NicoloScuderi from Rome was published first in the Italian language.

My experience 11 years ago rejuvenating the face of the then Prime Minister of Italy has made me the facelift expert in Europe and beyond. When one operates on a high-profile patient not only does the outcome for that individual ride on your shoulders, but also riding on your shoulder is the perception of plastic surgery throughout the world. My patient was extremely pleased, he has become a very close friend, and we have spent time together on many occasions throughout Italy and beyond. This experience in addition to my many surgical friends has only fueled for my love of this beautiful country.


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