October 2011

Dr. Bryant A. Toth just returned from Italy where he was honored as one of the Keynote Lecturers at the Italian Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Milan. The title of Dr. Toth’s address was Modern Facelift: Use of the High SMAS Technique with Lipofilling. In his lecture he spoke about how now one can address the effects of aging and facial loss of fat at the same time a facelift is performed. Dr. Toth performs lipofilling, (the transfer of fat from another part of the body to the face) at the same time as the lifting procedure with the results being a more youthful look. He showed his results and shared his ideas with his European colleagues.

Prior to the meeting in Milan, Dr. Toth was honored to be a Visiting Professor in Sardinia at the University of Sassari, one of the oldest and most honored Plastic Surgery programs in Italy. Over a 10 day period, Dr. Toth lectured, performed live surgery, and worked with the residents studying Plastic Surgery. He also had an opportunity to meet up with several of his former fellows who had studied with him in San Francisco.

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