Out-Of-Town Patients

Many patients now choose to travel away from home for their cosmetic treatments in order to enjoy a quiet and anonymous recovery period while receiving the best possible care. Dr. Toth has patients that come from not only other parts of the United States but also come from international destinations.

No longer are patients limited to their own local area when looking for the most trusted and experienced doctors to meet their cosmetic surgical needs. By seeking distant treatment, patients are able to enjoy the opportunity to see a new area as well as maintain the privacy and anonymity to help fully recover without the stresses of everyday life.

Our aim is to make the prospective patient feel comfortable in our surgical setting. Dr. Toth and his conscientious staff are dedicated to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, and strive to offer the latest and most effective techniques backed by many years of experience. Dr. Toth’s involvement in many national and international professional organizations keeps him up to date on the latest procedures and offers him a wide range of resources. His knowledge and expertise attract patients from all over the world to come and seek treatment at our facility.


We understand that planning a trip like this can seem a bit overwhelming. Our staff can help you make your travel arrangements from start to finish. It is best to fly into San Francisco International or Oakland International airport which are both approximately 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco. We can recommend several area hotels as well as local attractions for you and your guests to enjoy.

Most patients stay for 7-10 days depending on their procedure. We also encourage our patients to travel with a friend or family member who will be able to care for you after surgery. Many of our patients use their surgery as an opportunity for their family to take a vacation as well. San Francisco is a fascinating city to explore and is small enough to experience most of it on foot.


If you are interested in surgery, kindly call our patient care coordinator and office nurse, Alana Jenkins, R.N. at 415.923.3008 in order to initiate your trip. Patients need to arrive a few days before surgery in order to meet with Dr. Toth, complete preoperative documents and undergo any necessary tests and examinations prior to the procedure. An earlier face-to-face consultation is not necessary, as surgical plans and goals can be discussed over the phone or through email, and pictures and medical histories can be exchanged as well. Dr. Toth will spend as much time needed in order to make sure that the patient is fully informed and comfortable with the intended surgical plan. He is also available to answer any questions you may have before your trip.

After Surgery

Once surgery is completed, patients will see either Dr. Toth or his nurse the next day with removal of the dressings. Another appointment is scheduled for a few days later to follow-up with Dr. Toth in his office. By this point, the patients should be much more active and comfortable to travel and explore San Francisco. Depending on the procedure, patients can either return home on day four or five, or if a facelift is involved, return for suture removal at day 10. It is often possible to leave San Francisco after three or four days in order to recover in the Napa Valley or on the Monterey Peninsula with the recommendation for those whose suture removal demands that they stay for a full 10 days.

If you are interested in this process, please feel free to call our office at 415.923.3008 to speak with our staff and set up a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.

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