Not every patient that comes to see me is a candidate for surgery and frequently many of the aspects that the patient is concerned with can be dealt with non-surgically utilizing fillers and Botox® (botulinum toxin type A).

If, for health reasons, the patient cannot undergo a surgical procedure or the patient is on blood thinners that would preclude one, commonly, one can improve their appearance by adding volume via fillers to the cheek area, upper and lower lip and temple region.

This, combined with utilizing Botox® for the forehead, in an effort to lift the brow, results in what I like to call a “pharmacological facelift.” No scars are left behind other than some mild, transient bruising at the injection sites. Any bruising resolves in 24 hours to a few days and usually can be masked by make up. The patient looks significantly younger because of the added volume and the recovery time is short rarely necessitating any time away from work.

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