Facial Lipofilling


The aging process of the face results in atrophy of the facial skin, sagging of the facial tissues, as well as loss of facial volume. Dr. Toth strongly believes in restoring volume to the face at the same time as it is lifted in patients where there is significant facial atrophy. This is done by harvesting fat from the patient at the beginning of the procedure using a suction syringe similar to what is used in liposuction, but less traumatic. This fat is then spun down in a centerfuge allowing the fat globules to separate from the supernatant fluid and the oil which is removed. The fat is then transferred into small, delicate syringes and placed into the face where volume has been lost. This normally is in the malar or cheek area, the area below the malar bones, into the temples, and into the nasolabial folds and lip areas. Early results reveal that lipofilling not only adds volume to the face which is permanent, but it also improved the overall quality of the skin. At this point we are not sure of the mechanism of action, but there appears to be a stem cell like effect resulting in rejuvenation of the quality of the overlying skin.

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