Rhinoplasty is a procedure aimed at improving the shape of your nose. It is a technically challenging procedure, comprising of many complex elements which are addressed individually but complement each other. Dr Toth’s appreciation of the fine art of rhinoplasty, coupled with the discussion of your own goals, ensures you get the best possible result in proportion to your facial features.

Cartilage grafts may be taken from the mid-part of the nose or from behind the ear. If nasal bone surgery is carried out, a post-operative splint will be needed to help keep the nasal bones in place. Nasal packs may be used to help shape the nostrils and these will be removed after a few days. Most patients will have some small amount of intermittent bleeding during the first few days after surgery, and should avoid blowing their nose or any impact to the nose during the first week after surgery.

Dr Toth and his Team will talk you through the pre & post-operative care during your consultation. The final result of your procedure will be evident after three to four months, with long-term changes to graft material taking place over a period of years.

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View photos in Gallery

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