These are some candid, genuine testimonials from the satisfied patients of Dr. Bryant Toth.

Long Lasting Transformation

It is a pleasure to provide a testimonial for Dr. Toth, who was highly recommended to me by a physician in a different specialty.  From the first consultation, I felt assured and confident in Dr. Toth’s professional credentials, his ability to describe the recommended procedure and his assurance of a successful outcome.

So, twenty-five years ago, at age 50, I underwent a facelift that has proven life transforming.  While he predicted the surgery would refresh my appearance by ten years, Dr. Toth actually erased fifteen years from my facial features. Family inherited baggy eyes and an unattractive turkey neck were gone, leaving my appearance renewed but totally natural.

As a single woman, my primary motivation was to remain competitive in the workplace.  Despite a strong resume and excellent references, my tired countenance belied the energy level I could bring to the table.  While this remains a sad commentary on our culture, following surgery I entered job interviews with a high level of confidence and garnered multiple job offers.

Now, at age 75 and enjoying a fulfilling retirement, I still appear decades younger and look forward to exploring new, non-surgical  enhancement procedures to maintain an attractive — but age appropriate — appearance.

And in closing, how gratifying to know that, as Dr. Toth’s patient, I am helping to support his long standing mission of transforming children with craniofacial deformities.  He is compassionate, caring and so very generous in devoting his superb surgical skills to these youngsters.  It is an honor to know him,  and I feel very fortunate to have been referred to his practice and to benefit from his care.  

Kind and Compassionate

“I had liposculpture on my thighs and chin from Dr. Toth. What can I say? I have never been so happy in my life! After two babies, my breasts lost their “perk”, and Dr. Toth did such an incredible job. The previous Dr. I consulted was ready to give me a breast lift which would have left additional scars. Dr. Toth assured me I did not need the lift, but rather a larger implant on one side. And he has an “eye” for breasts – my once asymmetrical breasts are now completely in symmetry, and look great.

His work is just incredible! And, his liposculpture looks and feels phenomenal. It was only a small amount necessary to bring me back to my pre-babies size, and it looks unbelievable. The healing has been hardly a healing process! I am so grateful to have found such a fine Doctor., after several consults I can say there is such a difference in Dr. Toth’s style. He is kind, compassionate, at ease, and really cares. He was even willing to sign up with a particular financial plan for me that gave me excellent rates. And of course, his aesthetic precision above all leaves me so happy. One last thing, his staff is just as lovely.

They are very attentive and caring as well. By the time of the procedure itself, I felt at ease, knowing I was in all these great hands. And when I “woke” up to Louis Armstrong (at my request), and a staff ready and wanting to help in any way, it made the whole process all the better.”
Heather P.

Outstanding Surgeon

“I went to Dr. Toth after watching him operate for many years at the biggest private hospital in San Francisco. He is a warm, caring surgeon with excellent surgical skills. My eyelid operating was perfect. He listened to what I wanted and delivered the results that I expected. As someone in the healthcare field, take my word, that he is one of the best. You would be lucky to have him as your doctor.”
Mary F.

I Trust Dr. Toth

“I have had several procedures with Dr. Toth. Needless to say, I was thrilled with my results. I am complimented often. When I mentioned I had surgery, No one believes it because it looks so natural. I have sent a least 10 people to Dr. Toth, several of which have gone back for additional procedures. Dr. Toth and his staff make you feel like family. It is an extremely caring environment. I trust Dr. Toth wholeheartedly. My mother had a full face laser there and my sister had her eyes and upper brow lifted. We are ALL pleased!”
Laurie J.

Nice Person and Great Surgeon

“I have nothing but praise for my experience with Dr. Toth. He is warm and caring and an excellent surgeon. I work in the operating room and he is the surgeons’ plastic surgeon.”
Mary G.

Warm, Personable, and Thorough

“The hassle of finding a reputable plastic surgeon in San Francisco was the one major thing that held me back from getting surgery. For years I had wanted to get my boobs done, but all the horror stories on TV about botched procedures and sketchy plastic surgeons scared me to death. But I had heard good things about Dr. Toth from friends who were getting minor things done, like Botox and fillers, at his office. I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to make an appointment with him. After meeting with Dr. Toth my distorted images of plastic surgeons disappeared. He was so warm, personable and thorough. I felt comfortable and ended up scheduling surgery with his office. I’ve never been disappointed with my decision. I am so happy with the overall experience. My new figure looks great with my two new additions!”
Goldeen S.

Cannot Recommend Him Highly Enough

“Dr. Toth has been my plastic surgeon since 1984 and there is not another person in this world that I would allow to touch my face. Over the years, he has done an eye lift, a face lift, implants, tummy tuck, lipo, and chemical peel. I have been delighted with every operation he has performed. I also would note that he has had the same staff during this period, who all have told me that they stay with him because he is such a kind, enjoyable person to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
SFSU Classics

Brilliant Surgeon and a Really Nice Man

“In my mid-thirties, I had a neck lift performed by a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Perhaps I was too young to have this done, but the skin stretched and I was left with huge scars around my ears. I lived with these scars for years; it was very embarrassing and I finally decided to have them fixed. I interviewed some of the top plastic surgeons in San Francisco. I was told, repeatedly, that the scars would be extremely difficult to correct and that I may end up with scars that looked just as bad, if not worse, than the originals.

When I spoke with Dr. Toth, he didn’t comment about how bad the scars were or how difficult they would be to fix. He just said that “he would fix them” and he did! The scars are perfect now; I’m so happy. Since that time he’s done my eyes, a mini-face lift and, most recently, a breast lift. Each procedure has been fantastic. My breasts look like they belong on a teenager. Dr. Toth is a brilliant surgeon and a really nice man.

The office staff is wonderful, too. They’ve all remained the same over the years, even the anesthesiologist. I can’t recommend them strongly enough. I’d, also, be more than happy to speak with anyone that wants to speak with a real patient.”
Lb S.

As Nice As He Is Skilled

“Dr Bryant Toth operated on my sons cleft lip and my son looks so good people can’t believe he had major reconstructive surgery. My son is a model for Children’s hospital. Dr Toth is as nice as he is skilled. He is a genuine giving Doctor.”
Goldeen J.

Expert in Making Beauty That Reaches the Soul

“Dear Dr. Toth and Staff, thanks above all for your caring. Your many kindnesses are appreciated more than words can express. You are an expert in making beauty (recreating) that reaches the soul!”
Cherie E.

Caring Expert

“When I was around 37 years old and terribly embarrassed by the puffy bags under my eyes, a plastic surgery nurse told me that Dr. Bryant Toth was the “up and coming star” among San Francisco plastic surgeons. Based upon her recommendation, I had Dr. Toth perform the eye surgery and was totally delighted with the results. As I approached 50, I once again felt that I appeared to be much older than I was, so I returned to Dr. Toth, this time for a face lift.

The results were beautiful and totally natural looking. Indeed, over the years I have had so many laughs when, after listening to friends say that they can always spot a face lift, I would confide that I too had had a face lift. The looks and remarks are always the same: “But you have always looked like yourself. You have never looked as though you had a lift.” I would explain that a good face lift is not one that you can spot. It’s one that leaves the person looking like him or herself, with several years of aging removed. I loved that face lift so much that I never thought I would ever want any other plastic surgery done.

However, four days ago, at age 64, I returned to Dr. Toth’s office once again. This time, he did a face lift, neck lift, upper eyelid surgery, and fat injections into my cheeks. The pain and bruising have been minimal. My cheeks are swollen but I was told today, after the stitches were removed, that most of the swelling will be gone in about a week. The vertical folds that had developed alongside my nose and mouth and the wrinkles that had formed on my cheeks are gone. Am I happy? You bet I am. Do I expect my friends will ask me if I have had a face lift? Absolutely not. Will this be my last visit to Dr. Toth? Surely. But ask me again when I am 80.”
Iljimm C.

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